“El Show 2021” Drops December 19, 2021

  • 8 teams max
  • Double elimination
  • 10 Man Modified Rules
  • Championship and MVP Trophy
  • 2 thousand dollars cash prize to winner
Jeffry Pimentel and Einar Azcue on the cover

Major League Modified is a New Type of Game

The days of .500+ batting averages may have come to an end. This past Sunday we hosted the Mets and the Champion PSL Astros in a 9 inning duel that gave us a good glimpse of what the future holds for Major League Modified. Both teams duked it out as Ismael Rivera (Mets) and Rick Schmidt (Astros) took the mound for their clubs.

The game has definitely changed as the MLM style of pitching has taken over making the game more challenging and exciting. Hitters are now forced to go up to the plate being more selective and only swinging at good pitches. There were bunt attempts, pick offs, stolen bases, players tagging up from all bases and lots of small ball. The speed of the game has also picked up tremendously.

The Mets showed very promising signs as their team continues to grind and build the team chemistry they need to be successful as they were in their game vs. Astros. They won the game 4-3. This upcoming Sunday the Mets will face another challenge, as they take on the Port Saint Lucie Cubs in another Instructional League game.

Edgar Horton (Astros) launches a ball to home plate.

The Villas of West Palm beach Bring the Heat

This past Sunday, The Villas of West Palm Beach Softball Club traveled 45 minutes to Sandhill Crane to take on the PSL Cubs and the PSL Mets in a friendly showdown that brought some of West Palm’s greatest talent to the area.

The Cubs and Villas played first, the Cubs overpowering the Villas and winning by a score of 7-4. Both starting pitchers Brought some heat as players for the Cubs got to see similar pitching to their own. They reacted well as Yoslian Vargas and Luis Aguilar teed off getting a couple of hits a piece and brought home some runs.

The Villas then faced off with the new Port Saint Lucie Mets. The Mets who are still getting things together, held their own in the first few innings, Quickly getting the lead in the first and adding on to the score in the second and third innings, but the Villas pitching and offense was too much for the Mets. The Villas went on a tear and won the game 14-9.

The Villas of West Palm beach were happy to be in PSL after sitting out in their own league due to problems with pitching. We have come to learn that “slingers” aka Major League Modified pitchers are not really welcomed in most modified leagues in Florida, leaving these pitchers to sit at home waiting on an opportunity.

With that being said we are happy to be the home to the “slingers” of Florida and all looking to play at the highest level of modified softball!

Major League Modified is now under way, Dave Ruggles’ #42 retired, M Street Commissioner, South Boston Legend, Mark Senna to help push MLM.

Dave Ruggles holds up a Hall of Fame plaque brandishing his number 42 which will be retired by MLM and the PSL Astros.

This past Sunday, history was made in Port St. Lucie. Wil Pujols, the Player-President of Port Saint Lucie Men’s Softball Inc. Introduced the long awaited “Major League Modified,” which he described as a league “built on pitching.”

Pujols received much criticism after he and his former commissioner allowed “slingers” in the winter season that ended in early July. Among the “slingers” allowed to pitch were Edgar Horton, the ace pitcher of the PSL Astros, and Hector Rubio of the Port Saint Lucie Cubs. Both pitchers have the ability to hit high speeds on the radar and have a more aggressive approach on the mound. This approach led Rubio to break multiple records, including a record 16 strikeouts in one game. Horton won the PSL Championship with the Astros. Both pitchers were selected as Pitcher of the Year for the 2021 season.

‘I knew some guys were not gonna want to hit the fast pitching,”..but here, we are going to play Major League Modified,” Pujols said opening up his speech. The players present, who were happy with the decision made by Pujols, applauded him after making the statement.

Pujols, who knows all pitchers don’t have the ability to pitch according to the rules of Major League Modified (which is essentially 9 man modified) said they will still be playing 10 man modified games. “Some games will be 10 man modified.” “If a regular modified pitcher (Chata) is used, than the rules of 10 man modified will be used.”

Pujols went on to present awards for the 2021 Winter Season. Among those recipients present were Raudel Torres, Edgar Horton, Jordan Booth, Hector Rubio, and Yoslian Vargas. A special plaque was also presented to Dave Ruggles. To the surprise of Ruggles, his number 42 was declared retired by the PSL Astros and Major League Modified.

To end the ceremony, Pujols introduced modified softball legend, Mark Senna. Senna, a Boston Native, is the Commissioner of the M Street Softball League in South Boston. Senna has held the position since 1996 and since then has grown the league to astonishing 30 teams. Senna who is also a pitcher, will be playing along side Pujols with the New Mets of PSL during the 2021 Fall Instructional League. Mark who felt at home said he would help Pujols off the field to “grow the brand.”


Port Saint Lucie Modified Softball AKA Softball Sundays is evolving into something bigger.

Major League Modified.

The highest level of Modified Softball is being developed in Port St. Lucie.

On August 29, 2021 we will have an Opening Day event at Sandhill Crane Park in Port Saint Lucie, FL.

Both new and current players will be in attendance to witness the trophy ceremony followed by our very first Major League Modified Softball game between the Cubs and Astros.

What is the Fall Instructional League?

The Fall Instructional League will be used as a time to train players to adapt to the rules of play used in Major League Modified.

Major League Modified pitching is a tough but crucial part of the game. Pitching clinics will be available to new pitchers and hitters will have the ability to hit Major League Modified pitching.

The Ultimate objective is to educate and help players take their game to the next level. Major League Modified games will be exciting. The competition will great.

How will the game change?

The rules of Major League Modified will be similar to those of “Regular Modified” although there will be a few enhancements.

-3 OF will be used on the field

-Bunting will be allowed

-Helmets mandatory

-tagging up from any base

-Wood bats

Any Special Events?

A Fall All-Star Game and Home Run Derby will be played with players according to their play in instructional league games.

The very first Major League Modified “EL Show” Money tournament in December.

How do I sign up for the Major League Modified Fall Instructional League?

You can sign up by clicking on the “Apply” link on our home page. If you have any questions you can call us at our office at 772-777-1165.

Astros are your Winter 2021 Port St. Lucie Champions!

Fall Instructional League